Trivia Transport
Do you want to win 100 Grand (candy bar)?

Trivia Transport

A memorable, Milwaukee-based Uber or Lyft experience that combines trivia, entertainment, and safe riding.

Do you want to win

100 Grand candy bar?

Be a part of the fun!

See what it is like to be riding Trivia Transport. The fun, the lights, the sound effects and the singing and clapping. The elation of getting questions right, the agony of missing some too.

Put in your request to have Trivia Transport take you and your friends to a great place and have the opportunity to win 100 GRAND (candy bar).


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Our Story

After trying out Uber using his wife's Pontiac Vibe in December of 2015, Pete Little thought rideshare driving was fun. In Jan of 2016, they purchased a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country touring van just for driving Uber/Lyft. The van has a wide plastic channel that runs down the middle of the ceiling with one or more screens and compartments for viewing movies etc. along the side of the channel there is a gap with recessed lighting making the ceiling glow blue. That's what got this all started...

Many times passengers would see the lightly glowing ceiling and ask if this is cash cab. It drove Pete nuts. He sat down with Deb, his bride for over 37 years and the planning started. One of the main points of discussion was the prize. While it is not evil in itself, there is something about cash... if someone is ahead by $25, $5 or even $3 and they lose, many get angry or ticked off. It's just a game. After much brainstorming, instead of cash, players can win 100 GRAND (candy bar).

Now have a 2015 T&C, added over 270 LED lights and outstanding sound effects. Pair that with a top of the line APEMAN 4K A-80 ACTION CAMERA so some of the games make it to YouTube. 




Southeast Wisconsin

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The brain may die, but my compulsion for useless trivia lives on.
— molly harper